Thermal Suite


Thermally improved joinery for a drier, warmer home in winter or reduced heat in summer, featuring ‘thermal break’ polyamide technology.

Our thermal is a range of windows and doors custom built for New Zealand’s harshest winds, coldest mornings and nights.

The Thermal suite, featuring ‘thermal break’ polyamide technology, delivers up to 73% improvement in thermal efficiency. When used with the right glass solution, this could mean a drier, warmer home in winter, reduced heat in summer and lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

The combination of flush surfaces, square shapes and timber liners creates a look that is contemporary and refined.

 ** Tested in accordance with NZS4211:2008 and AS2047.

The image here of the joinery gives you a visual of the polyamide strip, or thermal break, which reduces outside temperatures from being transferred through the frame, impacting internal temperatures.



Thermal Entry Door Panels

Watch video here