Residential Series

What makes up a window? There are just four parts— but such important parts, because the windows and door you choose will affect the appearance, temperature, light, space, airflow and the security of your home.

Frame Technology
Depending on your project there are the following choices:

  • The Fairview standard residential frame ( AL35)  provides a great value choice.
  • The combination of flush surfaces, square shapes and timber liners gives the AL35 suite a clean modern aesthetic. Designed for residential environments where both value for money and performance are important.
    The suite features the capability to meet New Zealand residential performance standards.
  • It has the full range of opening styles and shapes so consideration must be given to opening types Windows: Awning, Casement, Bifold, Sliding, and Doors: Hinged, French Doors, Sliding and Stackers Door and Bifolds

The opening styles of each window or door can cater for space saving, large openings for outdoor living, uninterrupted views and restricted space

For more technical information click here

We want you to love the design of your windows and doors. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of every design with you to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Colour Technology

The colour choices are numerous.

The most popular POWDERCOATED colours are the most cost effective. Click here

AEONOX is a new breakthrough technology for powder coating services, offering scratch resistance and strong durability. Click here

EUROCOTE is a powdercoated patterned or wood grain finish.

ANODISED is a finish is etched into the metal rather than powdercoated on the surface. Click here


Glass Technology
There is so many ways to be smart with glass. Differing glass types can:

  • reduce condensation
  • lower heating and cooling costs
  • prevent soft furnishings fading
  • reduce irritating noise
  • work as safety glass
Hardware Technology

There is a wide range of security and style options. Security locks, stays, bolts, and restrictors are just a few examples. Our hardware has been designed to increase durability and reliability which helps create a “peace of mind” for you, especially in the coastal environment.